Epworth News – Haas Buddies


Our Haas Cottage boys are very anxious to come to Bennettsville to worship and also to challenge one of our church league’s basketball teams. Please mark your calendar for Sunday, July 23rd for this special time with our Haas Buddies. The boys will arrive at 10:30 am for worship. Afterwards we will treat them to lunch at our local Mexican restaurant (Fiesta Tapatia) and then return to our gym for a friendly game (or two) of basketball with a team of our Marlboro County guys.  Chandler Herndon has been a tremendous help in arranging this. If you see this awesome young man, please give him a high five.

Also as you are marking Sunday, July 23rd on your calendar, please circle Saturday, September 16th. This date has also been approved for one of our favorite activities with our buddies-Bowling at Columbia Lanes.


Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.
Psalm 8:2

Salkehatchie 2017


Please remember in prayer all of those who are participating in Salkehatchie Summer Service 2017.  This group works tirelessly during the sweltering week of July 1 – 8 to improve the living conditions for some of our Marlboro County neighbors and friends.

FUMC welcomes you all to our church and our community, and we appreciate your willingness to serve others and glorify God.




FUMC was buzzing with extra energy for our “Hero Central” VBS, which was held from June 12-16!   We had a great group of children who learned what it means to be one of God’s heroes.  Some of these children joined us on June 18 during our 11:00 worship service and shared some of their songs.
Thank you to all of our volunteers!!  Without your commitment of time and energy, we could not provide this opportunity for our children to learn about the Word of God in a fun, safe setting.
Teachers and helpers: Amy Thomas, Ann Moody, Elaine Crow, Hannah Moody,
Christy King, Betty Ann Souther, Virginia Fowler, Abraham Kocheria, Damianna Heffner, Jessica Smith
Music leader: Margaret Vance
Recreation leader: Fran Lewis
Snacks: Leslie Hines, Dottie Fowler, Courtney Bennett, Sue Skipper
Decorations: Jennifer and Beckham Jacobs
Waterpark: Leith Fowler and Fran Lewis
Thank you to Ricky Sheets and the FUMC Basketball Fund for providing VBS t-shirts for the children and adults. The children loved them!
A very special thank-you to Debbie Polston, Jessica Smith, and the entire staff of the FUMC Children’s Center.  They all pitched in and help wherever we needed them during the week of VBS, and they are very supportive of what we do. Our jobs are much easier because of their help!!

Salkehatchie News


This year the Pee Dee Camp of Salkehatchie will be July 1 through July 8.  Our church will be the host church with other area churches working together to feed these volunteers for the week.

Salkehatchie Sunday is July 2nd. Our church is responsible for the Sunday meal.  We ask that you assist in providing a great meal for these special people. If you know that you had rather contribute money instead of food for that day, we would like to begin accepting contributions. If you wish to make a cash donation you can drop it by the church office or you can mail your donation to :

May Hamilton,  404 Lakeshore Dr., Bennettsville, SC 29512


Ann Moody, 309 Oakwood St., Bennettsville, SC 29512


Please be in your place during worship on July 2 to show your support and appreciation for the volunteers who give us a week of their time to work on substandard housing in Marlboro County.

THANKS, in advance, for all your help!!

Ann Moody and May Hamilton


Music Notes

Thanks to everyone who helped make our Memorial Day Service a wonderful event. It is also time to thank the Chancel Choir and Chancel BELLS for all of the extra effort since Easter in preparing for this service.
All of our choirs will now take a break until the Wednesday after Labor Day.  We would like to invite anyone to come sing with us during the coming year.
Remember……all God’s children got (sorry for the grammar) a place in the choir!
Soli Deo Gloria!  To God alone!

2017 Sun


Children’s Center News

Daycare1 6-17

Everyone has been working, playing and learning so much every day.  We celebrated our mothers with a breakfast, Muffins for Moms.  Many mothers, grandmothers and a couple of dads joined us for breakfast before beginning their day.  The Pre-K class is ready for summer and kindergarten!  They had a great year of learning and enjoyed a last trip to see a play/musical in Fayetteville.  Many thanks to Jennie Weatherly for the awesome education and experiences that she provides for our children.

Please enjoy pictures of our recent activities.  Many thanks for your support of our program and continued prayers.

God Bless,



VBS 2017 – Hero Central




Please mark your calendars for June 12-16 for our 2017 VBS.  Bring your children and grandchildren, and invite your neighbors to join us for a week of learning and sharing the Word of God. We always have a great time!!

We are still looking for volunteers to work with our VBS. All you need is a willing heart!  Please contact Virginia Fowler or Mark Johnston for more information.